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Lipsticks in abundance! How would I pick the best for me? Purchasing lipstick is regularly a monotonous and mistaking task for some ladies. We go through hours in the corrective cosmetics products online shopping in Pakistan, attempting to track down the ideal shade by taking a stab at the analyzer lipsticks. An off-base decision will kill the buzz of the look. For such countless individuals picking lipstick is more experimentation than science.

The selection of lipsticks relies upon many components including, The complexion – a similar lipstick shade would not suit reasonable, medium, and more obscure cleaned tones. Lipsticks are accessible in stains, gleams, mattes, etc. They will all go on as an alternate hue. Hence, it's crucial to evaluate the surface of the lipstick.

Best Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

Following are the top lipstick tones for lighter-looking ladies.

Rich Red:

Red is an extremely well-known shading and looks incredible on a light complexion. It gives a striking, running hope to light complexion ladies with pinkish or blushing tones. You need to try different things with the texture. Stains, for example, Revlon nibbled lipsticks are exceptionally famous nowadays. Indeed, even divas have been seen brandishing red lipstick such as Huda icon lipstick. This one will be one of my #1 lipstick that conceals reasonable Indian skin. It is a more pinkish form and is ideal for a night out. In case you are going for somewhat less oomph than rich red, this is an ideal tone for you.


It is an energetic shading and suits young ladies the most. On occasion, it is a great idea to get bold and look past the ordinary tones. Orange has been the in-pattern shading this year. For a spotless look pair it with bare eyes. Assuming you need to raise the stakes you can add on goth eye cosmetics. Even though I should caution you, if not worn with the right outfit it might end up being a disaster. So on account of orange lipstick toning it down would be best. You can fetch an excellent range of orange lipsticks at Shop Some.


This is an incredible shading for ordinary wear. You can wear it to the office and smooth on some lip shine for a party look. It's ideally suited for summers. Pair this look with bare eyes for a new summery look. It isn't on the bolder side however can in any case make your lips look pretty. Here is another lipstick for light complexion and is additionally useful for a regular look. The shading isn't excessively striking; it would make your eyes stick out. It additionally gives you a characteristic look. These shades likewise are known to suit Indian ladies, particularly the individuals who have a light complexion.

A couple of tips on picking the right shade that works for you

At any point contemplated how to pick lipstick for your complexion rather than exactly what ends up looking great on the store racks? There are in a real sense a large number of various shades of lipsticks so I realize it's difficult to single out only a couple! I'm constantly attracted to particular shades however I've discovered that regardless of the amount I like a specific tone, it can absolutely clean me out or simply be a terrible match! On the off chance that you also might want to sort out some way to pick the most complimenting and charming lipsticks for your mouth, continue to peruse!


The principal tip I needed to specify before continuing to picking lipstick as per complexion is to likewise think about the state of your lips. Some broad standards apply to certain lip shapes like more obscure shadings making lips look more modest and lighter and more splendid tones causing lips to seem greater. So observe whether you need to highlight or limit your lip shape before you begin narrowing down lip tones so it will not be as overpowering!


At the point when you're currently choosing lip tones by complexion, recall that you're most likely not simply going to have one lipstick for each event. You will need a lip tone for consistently, evenings out, formal events, etc. To wear a lip tone consistently, pick a lipstick that is a couple of moves forward from your regular lip tone. Regardless of whether you convey a huge load of lip items in your pack, having that one lipstick that you can generally rely on to look extraordinary is an unquestionable requirement!

Light complexion

When picking the right lipstick for light appearances, ordinarily implies picking lighter shades of lipstick like nudes, pinks, or light tans. Cool conditioned ladies ought to go for bare or a delicate mocha tone and warm ladies should search for naked peach or pale pinks. I realize that there will be times when you'll need to shake a dim lip and you'll look astounding. Nonetheless, as a rule, nudes and beiges are all around complimenting and those tones function admirably to light up a reasonable appearance!

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What's hot in the world of women's fashion?

The Stylish Kurti Designs in Pakistan 2021 for women – as we as a whole realize how much Kurtis significance in an upscale ladies life. Accordingly, today we are going to share new plans of winter kurtis by driving style originator in the year 2021. Moreover, present-day winter Kurtis plans and style is an eastern reflection pleasantly encased in current plans. This polished Kurtis will give you an in-vogue remarkable look in no time flat.

In the style market, we can see that a huge assortment of new dresses with various tones and alluring plans catch your eye. All things considered, in this post, we will accumulate some incredible and current style Kurti plans. You would like these outfits for your closet. Moreover, Kurtis can be picked anytime, or you can wear them with churi pajamas to give you a snappy look with a western viewpoint. Besides, Kurtis can be worn with Patiala salwar or tights too.

Kurtis styles for Winter.

How about we look down this page and investigate these most recent winter Kurti plans for women. All dresses are gathered from Mohagni's official site or from nearby makers too. These Kurtis styles are ideal to wear during the winter season of 2021.

Winter Kurti Fashion Guide Best discretionary Kurti Colors to Wear in Winter

Here we have probably the best winter Kurtis that will give you a lovely standpoint. Charming choker neck style is ideal, and we energetically prescribed Kurti shading to wear in the colder time of year. Since everybody in the winter season needs to get more daylight, these colder times of year Kurti plans can upgrade your closet. This Kurtis can get worn with a multi-mix of your decisions. Regardless of whether it is your proper gathering or need to wear for any open-air movement. It's the ideal decision for you if you are wearing these women dresses as a young lady or a wonderful gentlewoman.

Designer Kurti Designs for Winter Season 2021

Along these lines, young ladies we should begin with stunning and driving design architect Kurtis styles found in this year 2021. Here we have adorable young ladies wearing special styles of Kurti with extravagant dupatta plans by well-known originators. Pakistani originator has been delivering lovely cool Kurti plans for easygoing wear or formal wear. The most effective method to style Kurti This Winter 2021.

Here we have some best tips for styling Kurti styles and designs that can be attempted at this moment!

Kurti with Palazzo Pants: Thus, young ladies, if you have a long Kurti, you can wear it with erupted palazzo pants and can shake this colder time of year. Kurti with Slim Pants: Moreover, young ladies on the off chance that you have beautiful thin pants, you can combine thin fit pants with Kurti. Or then again you can likewise wear a Kurti with the coordinating with a shade of thin fit gasp to look more appealing and current. Typically this is sort of suitable for the mid-year season.

Kurti with Slim Pants: besides, young ladies assuming you have brilliant thin pants, you can match fit pants with a Kurti. Or then again you can likewise wear a Kurti with the coordinating with the shade of best-fit gasp to look more alluring and current. Regularly this fits for the mid-year season.

Midsection Belt with Kurti: it's for those young ladies who need to make a fantasy of a slimmer abdomen. For what reason don't attempt belts to fold over your Kurti.

Conveying a Dupatta with Kurti: Lastly, Muslims young ladies need to wear a dupatta with Kurti. It is an alternative, and you can do it assuming you need to. So, if you like to carry a dupatta or want to look silky and bold, Kurti would be an ultimate option to pair up with a dupatta.


You can choose different shades willingly. You will discover appealing shadings, yellow, blue, red, purple, white, green, and so on in design markets. The lovely suites are brightened with boundaries and sleeves. These are delightful inventive prints for ladies. Today I have the assortment of the multitude of lovely details of the new Mohagni  Winter extravagance assortment 2021 through this post. You should see these astonishing pictures for the best one. Through these pictures, you can undoubtedly get excellent driving design brand dresses at a rebate cost. The main materials Mohagni as of late presented his colder time of year assortment 2021 for ladies. Shop online Midwinter assortment 2021 at reasonable costs.

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Highlighter has gotten fantastically the mainstream in the previous few years, adding a different classification to composition cosmetics. It's intended to give your face a dewy, new gleam, yet a few highlighters veer shimmering and can make it appear as though you've pretty recently spread sparkle all over. 

The key is to search for one that has a super-fine miniature gleam so you can assemble your shine—toning it down would be the ideal methodology is key here. We want you to read this post to the bottom line - so you can grab the best online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan. We have also covered you in this sphere. So, read along with us!

3 Types of Highlighters 

Highlighters come in cream, powder, and fluid equations:

  • Cream highlighters will in general be the most reasonable looking since you apply it with your fingers and it liquefies onto the skin. 
  • Powder and fluid highlighters will in general sit on top—that is not something awful, it simply implies that it's more perceptible (which may be the thing you're going for, particularly in case you're get captured). 
  • Shimmery bronzers work extraordinary as a highlighter, applied sparingly on the high marks of the face or simply on the cheekbones—not as an all-over shading. 

Remember that items named highlighter are by and large utilized for focusing on a particular region while items marked illuminator (or luminizer) will, in general, be more buildable and get intended to give you shining skin all over.  – you can buy them from Shop Some at any time.  

Instructions to Apply Highlighter 

When applying powder highlighter, it's ideal to utilize a fan brush to clean the powder onto the spaces of your face that you need to get glowy. For fluid and cream highlighter, apply spots of highlighter all over and mix with a finger or a cosmetics wipe. 

Where to Apply Highlighter on Your Face 

Where to apply a highlighter relies upon your face shape and facial highlights. Apply highlighter to the high marks of your face, or anyplace off of which light normally mirrors: the highest points of your cheekbones, the temple bone, the focal point of your jawline, the cupid's bow, the focal point of your brow, the tip of your nose, and now and again even on the scaffold of the nose. Cosmetics craftsman Bobbi Brown will here and there spot a smidgen in the internal corner of each eye. Examination with applying highlighter to various regions until you track down the right - highlighter position for your face. 

Instructions to Find the Best Highlighter 

The best highlighter recipe for you will rely upon the remainder of your face cosmetics schedule since adhering to one item surface forestalls hardening. Skin type will likely direct your item pick: Liquid equations are by and large liked by those with dry skin or develop skin since the item will not stack up in barely recognizable differences. Pick a highlighter to conceal that supplements your normal skin tone and hint for a more regular sparkle.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette

It feels SO since a long time ago we originally made the Huda beauty highlighter price in Pakistan and grabbed Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette. Yet, we use it every day. Every range incorporates three super pigmented highlighters as our Melted Strobe equation, a velvety highlighter that melts into the skin. Our fave approach to utilize the Melted Strobe is to shower a delight blender with a setting splash, touch it in the strobe and afterward press it into our skin for the most astounding radiant gleam. 

Fenty Beauty Highlighter

Utilize the three powders across your cheeks. And the highpoints of your face to fabricate a 3D impact and a sound-formed flush. Pink Sands is ideal for reasonable for medium skin tones, Golden Sands turns out flawlessly for medium and tan skin tones, and Bronze Sands is ideal for tan to rich skin tones. The Fenty Highlighter Duo is the The cream-powder half and half skim onto the skin within a real sense of zero exertion, leaving your cosmetics looking lit AF. You might be a little stunned when you first see the shades. However, they decipher flawlessly onto the skins.

Need to Learn More About Makeup and Beauty? 

Regardless of whether you realize a become flushed brush from a bronzer brush or are searching for tips on bringing allure into your day-by-day schedule, exploring the magnificence business takes information, ability, and viable experience. Nobody feels comfortable around a cosmetics sack better compared to Huda Beauty, the cosmetics craftsman who constructed a profession and a multi-million dollar brand with one straightforward way of thinking: Be what your identity is...

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A New Day Dawns


WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States yesterday, declaring that “democracy has prevailed” and summoning American resilience and unity to confront the deeply divided nation's historic confluence of crises.

Biden took the oath at a US Capitol that had been battered by an insurrectionist siege just two weeks earlier. On a cold Washington morning dotted with snow flurries, the quadrennial ceremony unfolded within a circle of security forces evocative of a war zone and devoid of crowds because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, Biden gazed out over 200,000 American flags planted on the National Mall to symbolise those who could not attend in person.

“The will of the people has been heard, and the will of the people has been heeded. We've learned again that democracy is precious and democracy is fragile. At this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed,” Biden said. “This is America's day. This is democracy's day. A day in history and hope, of renewal and resolve.”

History was made at his side, as Kamala Harris became the first woman to be vice-president. The former US senator from California is also the first black person and the first person of South Asian descent elected to the vice-presidency and the highest-ranking woman ever to serve in the US Government.

Biden never mentioned his predecessor, who defied tradition and left town ahead of the ceremony, but his speech was an implicit rebuke of Donald Trump. The new president denounced “lies told for power and for profit” and was blunt about the challenges ahead.

Central among them: the surging virus that has claimed more than 400,000 lives in the United States, as well as economic strains and a national reckoning over race.

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Hellshire beach, Jamaica, in 2008. The beach has largely disappeared since due to erosion. Photograph: Zickie Allgrove/Getty Images


Climate change is eroding beaches all over the Caribbean – even though the region contributes a tiny fraction of the emissions heating the planet.

Sunbathing mothers keep an anxious eye out for children enjoying horseback rides, as groups of young men engage in energetic games of beach football and cricket. Further along, a boombox blasts as the smell of fresh fish wafts across the shoreline.

For years, this was the scene at the Hellshire Beach in Portmore, St Catherine, on a public holiday or weekend when Jamaicans and visitors alike would flock to one of the island’s most popular beaches. Today, however, parents no longer bring their children. The horses, along with most of the beachline, have long disappeared and the few visitors who come to Aunt Merl’s or Prendy’s on the Beach – two of the few remaining seafood restaurants left standing – are confined to the benches inside. The beachfront has been swallowed by the surging tides, a result of decades of climate change and mismanagement.

“The recreational areas are totally gone so the sea is now right at the steps of the business places,” says Gladstone White, director of the Half Moon Bay Fishermen’s Co-operative, which has been lobbying for funding for infrastructure work to stabilize sections of the beach.

While island nations like Jamaica contribute a tiny fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions that are heating the planet, they are poised to suffer the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Coasts play a critical role in the economies of many Caribbean nations, whose population centers are close to the shore and who rely heavily on their ports and on tourists attracted to their picturesque waters. But beaches throughout the Caribbean are eroding as a result of rising sea levels and dangerous storms resulting from climate change. And many island nations lack the funding to invest in the infrastructure and innovation necessary to combat the changes – a situation made worse by the Covid crisis.

While Jamaica has a mixed record on environmental protection, the country is part of a coalition of small island nations that has been instrumental in lobbying for global climate action, and recently became the first Caribbean nation to increase the ambitiousness of its plan under the Paris climate agreement to reduce its carbon emissions.

But the US is set to withdraw from the agreement on 4 November, imperiling the treaty’s goal of limiting global heating to “well below” 2C, along with prospects for global action sufficient to ward off increased risk to the people and lands of the Caribbean.

Hellshire Beach, where the marine ecosystem is rapidly eroding, offers insight into what’s at stake for many Caribbean communities. Intensified storm activity and increased water temperatures are helping destroy offshore coral reefs that otherwise buffer the shoreline from pounding waves. The problems are compounded by unregulated commercial development and waste treatment, along with the removal of sand dunes and other vegetation. A landmark report published in 2012 found that Hellshire had lost up to 120 meters of shoreline in four decades.8169910888?profile=RESIZE_710x

When the scope of Hellshire’s destruction became clear, the government seemed ready to act quickly and decisively. A master plan to rehabilitate the beach was created – but then dashed in 2016 when the People’s National party (PNP) was swept from power. Since then, budding initiatives meant to invest in the beach have been consistently shut down, often without explanation.

Jamaica’s economic difficulties will thwart any short-term action to save the beach. The coronavirus has served a major blow to tourism and remittances, the country’s top two sources of revenue. The post-crisis receipts from both are forecast to fall to just around half the US$5.4bn of value they represented before the pandemic, with remittances ­expected to decline by 17% and tourism by 68%.

Jamaica’s National Environment and Planning Agency says that while rehabilitation efforts have been derailed by the economic impact of Covid-19, they will be picked up next year. But despite Nepa’s reassurances, a tourism official told the Guardian that the Hellshire master plan has been shelved indefinitely.

White, director of the fishermen’s co-operative, says the decision to scrap the master plan will hit members “big time”.

“Thing are so bad that fishermen are finding it difficult to find places to dock their boats,” he said.

Prendy’s on the Beach was once arguably the biggest and most popular seafood restaurant on Hellshire. Now that the beach has disappeared, so too have many of its customers – a situation exacerbated by government-imposed Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings.


A seafood restaurant at Hellshire Beach. The sea is now perilously close to the businesses on the shore. Photograph: Christopher Serju

“I have to be creative,” says Donnete “Prendy” Prendergast, who has been operating her restaurant at Hellshire for more than 20 years. “So I do family packages for people who still come out even if they can’t get to swim. But honestly, not being able to swim takes away from the Hellshire experience, because they come here not just to eat but to have some recreation.”

Jamaica has long sent mixed signals on its commitment to environmental protection. Environmentalists recently protested against the government’s decision to allow bauxite mining in an area that supplies drinking water to the parishes of Trelawny, St Elizabeth and St Ann. The government also met with outcry over its decision to sell off fertile land to developers to build a new city, despite the fact that just a fraction of Jamaica’s land is available for farming.8169923854?profile=RESIZE_710x

And environmentalists, archaeologists and residents have been united in their opposition to the construction of a floating pier for cruise ships in Port Royal, arguing that the fragile ecosystem is in danger. Despite this, the pier opened last year to much fanfare but generated little economic spinoff for locals.

For her part, Prendergast would be content with the government showing its commitment to addressing climate change by taking one small step towards resolving beach erosion at Hellshire.

“I think the authorities need to really give Hellshire some love because it is really a beautiful place and what we offer is really unique because you can’t go get our festivals anywhere else,” she says, referring to the cornmeal-based Jamaican fried dough sold on the beach.

But time is running out for the Hellshire Fishing Village beach and its natural and manmade allures. Soon, the forces of nature, along with local and global inaction, will make it, and many more pristine beaches in the region, no more than a distant memory – a faded photograph in an old scrapbook.

Prendy’s on the Beach was once arguably the biggest and most popular seafood restaurant on Hellshire, but many of its customers have disappeared. Photograph: Christopher Serju"" aria-hidden=""true"" focusable=""false"">
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Lifestyle blogger Jhunelle Jureidini with her quarantine kit,created from items found in her pantry. (Photos: Contributed)

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder.

And when loved ones are out of reach, it’s oftentimes difficult to show them how much you appreciate them. Small gestures go a long way and lifestyle bloggers Jhunelle Jureidini and Tiana Chung show just how they maintain their friendship given their separation due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The government imposed six-to-six curfew has made socialising with anyone outside of your household almost impossible. With the coronavirus continuing to upend familiar rhythms of life, leaving bars, churches, and schools closed, hundreds working from home and others jobless, those looking for ways to pass the time have leaned towards creativity.

In the absence of busy schedules, users accept social media challenges in droves. Some bring together families for choreographed TikTok dance routines while others channel their inner fashionista with the #PillowChallenge.

All in a day’s work and in efforts to ward off boredom. But, one such challenge that seems to connect even more people is the Quarantine Kit challenge. Jhunelle Jureidini, curator of, suggested she and fellow blogger Tiana Chung, food blog curator of WongaGyal, create and exchange quarantine kits.

Plus, there's a video, see below...

“WongaGyal and I had been talking about collaborating for a while but had no concrete ideas.”

“She started selling customized quarantine kits and that's when I thought that would be a unique and thoughtful way for us to share with each other, but a little more personal,” Jureidini told Loop Lifestyle.

Instead of choosing what you want in your quarantine kit, we both agreed on criteria and filled the kits with items mostly from our pantries. Putting thought and time into arranging the kits, plus the surprise element — not knowing what you're going to get from the other person — made the experience more fun,” Jureidini mentioned.

Jureidini, who makes a living from showcasing Jamaica’s hidden gems — hotels and tourist attractions, and covering local events like Reggae Month — has more time on her hands during the lockdown.

So here goes…Jureidini shows us how to prepare a quarantine kit

First, figure out the theme or concept you’ll use to pick the items.

It could be arts and crafts, self-care, comfort food, etc. If it’s food, make sure to check for allergies.

Jureidini suggests... items from a cocktail recipe (using Appleton Estate Reserve rum); adding ingredients to make a snack; an immune booster like Tetley Super Tea, with the recommended 20% Vitamin C dosage. Then, add a wild card.

You should also wear a mask while preparing the kit, wear gloves, and wipe down everything before adding them to the container. Then agree to meet and practice social distancing while exchanging kits. Or if you are far away from loved ones, you can mail it or have it delivered to them.

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It could mean your life, the life of people you love or someone else's loved one.




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