4 Latest Caribbean Food Trends to Know

There is no limit to the variety of food you can enjoy in this world. Each and every region has its unique cuisine that has different taste. You can always have new experiences as there are always new things to try. The trends of food also keep on changing and the food lovers can always find fresh inspirational sources and try new things.

The Caribbean cuisine is an extremely popular cuisine. If you enjoy this delicious cuisine then you should be aware of the new emerging trends that are becoming a part of the delicious cuisine. Here are some trends you will find.

The new green vegetable:

According to the new trends, the kale is losing its place to seaweed as the green vegetable. The seaweed is going to the vegetable that you will see on everyone’s’ plate. People are replacing kale for seaweed because it is full of nutrition. It has a lot of fiber along with iodine, antioxidants and healthy fats. The seaweed is not just expected to be a part of a salad or just a side dish to the main course but is also expected to be a part of soups, spaghetti, smoothies, and salsa.

Plant-based alternatives:

People are becoming more and more food conscious and they are becoming very careful about the food ingredients they include in their diet. People have become suspicious of the farm raised meat and they also have a better understanding of the processed food. The changes in the attitude and demands of people have also forced the food industry to change their approach. They are looking to present a variety of plant-based alternatives so that they can satisfy the changing demands of the customers. The food businesses are trying to fill the ambient display counter with food that people want to eat. The Trinidadian delights such as lentil, tuber, tomato choka, and bean are expected to be popular choices. Other international dishes such as cauliflower, sunchoke curries, spicy eggplant, etc. are also expected to be leading trends

Avocado oil:

The latest trends show that avocado is going to in huge demand even in its peak season. The oil, extracted from the fruit directly instead of the seed, is full of healthy nutrients.  It has potassium, Vitamin E, and unsaturated fats. The richness of the oil is excellent for health and adding an extra texture to the food. There are different varieties available in the market. Pollock, a local variety, has a buttery texture which is an excellent choice for the centrifugal separation process.

The gourmet approach:

The food industry is evolving a lot. The restaurants understand people’s love for street food and they are giving the local street food a fancy touch so that people can enjoy them in a different way as well. People can find the local Caribbean in the fancy restaurants where they are presented in a new way. It can offer an exciting food experience to the people.

There is also going to be a waste not policy as restaurants as well as street food corners are looking for ways to reduce food waste. 

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