4 Ingenious Food Handling Tips & Tricks


Food safety is a major concern of the food businesses. If the food is not kept in a safe and clean environment, then it can become contaminated. You cannot sell contaminated food to the customers so the business will end up losing a lot of money because of food waste. Whether you are storing the food in the kitchen or displaying the food in your retail store it is important to fulfill all the essential food safety requirements.

Here are some ingenious food handling tips and tricks to ensure that food safety and prevent contamination.

Have Suitable Facility For Food Storage

When you are storing the food products you have to make sure that the facility you are using is suitable for the food storage. The place should be able to fulfill all the standards of the food safety. You should avoid using an area that is known to be an area that is prone to pollution or pests because in such areas the chances of contamination will be high. The building that you are using for the store or restaurant should be designed in a way that it is easy to clean and maintain. The choice of location plays an important role in the safety of food storage.

Right Selection Of Appliances

The appliances that you choose to store the food should be able to fulfill the regulations of food safety. If the cold storage at your facility is not up to standard, then you will find it difficult to keep the food in the best condition. You can choose solid door refrigeration appliances or use under counter fridge in your store. While choosing the appliances you should make sure that they are cleanable even to the microbiological level. Prefer the appliances that are made up of compatible materials. You should maintain the appliances by doing regular inspection. Come up with good sanitizing and cleaning protocols so that the chances of contamination are low.

Establish Cleaning Programs

When you are running a food business, you do not want any food borne illnesses to break out. It is essential that the hygiene standards are maintained so that you can store food for a long time without any risk of contamination. You should develop proper cleaning programs that allow you to keep the storage areas as well as preparation areas clean and disinfect it. Apart from the food preparation areas you also need to keep all the machinery and utensils free of germs. The culprits behind spoiling the food are the microorganisms so you have to get rid of them to make sure that storage and preparation areas are sanitary.

Practice Personal Hygiene

It is essential that a food business educates the staff is safe handling of the food. If the staff is not careful while handling food, it can lead to contamination as bacteria spreads easily. Make sure that the hands are clean and there is minimum hand to food contact. Protective clothing and personal cleanliness of the staff are important factors in safe storage of the food products.

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