"With Dillon being a part of G2, I almost declined the offer," Athena says. "As a professional streamer it's very important to me that I succeed on my own merits and not because of my relationship with a professional gamer. But, it's really cool that the same org would want to sponsor both Dillon and me. He's been nothing but an absolutely amazing person, both on a personal level and with his support in my move to G2. I'm really thankful for him."

The Twitch stream is booming, and she's a part of the same organization as Rizzo. Even though everything seems to be going perfectly, that doesn't mean it's easy work. Athena has to put in the work to sustain that growth. The target is streaming live seven days a week. On top of the streaming grind, there's added scrutiny that comes with being the top female Rocket League streamer in a community that is still dominated by males. She says that there's added challenges that come with that territory.

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