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August 2019

How to Stop Comparing Your Current Dates to Your Ex

One thing that hurts your current dates is comparing them with your ex. Although they may have flaws, it is not good to bring up the issue of your past relationships in your current relationships. According to experts in relationships, some people just find themselves comparing their current partners with their ex no matter how perfect they are. It is almost like an illness that a person must fight. If you practice the right things, you will have a happy relationship that will last a long time.

This is how to stop comparing your current date to your ex.

Find Great Qualities in Your Partner

Unless it is a sickness, a person will compare their partner to their ex if they do not take the time to appreciate them. The first thing to do is look for the great qualities that they have and focus on those. Avoid focusing on flaws, especially because you also have yours. If you would not like to be compared to anyone, do not compare else. Those who have found great qualities in their partners remain happy at all times.

Correct Cautiously

Correcting a partner is not wrong, but how you do it might be wrong. Do not compare him or her with one of your exes, even if they were the best as far as the issue at hand is concerned. In fact, it is not right to compare their issue to anyone. Be polite when mentioning the mistake and say how you would have preferred the issue to look. Your partner will not only appreciate it, but will avoid repeating what they did wrong by all means.

Accept Changes

Two people cannot be the same, and the same can be said about two different relationships. This is a change that you must embrace. Luckily, dating sites like allow you to read the profile of the other person before you start dating. Thus, you already know a few things about them even before you start dating. The most important thing is to accept that this is a new relationship with unique qualities. Accepting changes will help you to avoid comparing your current date to your ex.

Give Your Best

Instead of comparing your partner to your EX, live like an example and give your best. When you do this, your partner will also make an effort to stop things that are hurting the relationship and join you. With both parties making efforts, the relationship will work perfectly and no one will have to compare the other with anyone.

Learn to Love More

Love is different from many other things in a relationship. It opens the eyes of people to know when they are hurting their partner and when they are making them happy. Love avoids things that hurt the other person. If you have a challenge loving your partner, it is time to grow your love by any means.

All people need to stop comparing their partners with their exes. This should go both ways for a better relationship. With the above tips, you will agree that this is very possible. Start it now!

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