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July 2019

Bizarre Scientific Facts About Relationships That Will Shock You!

Love is one of the most amazing things in people's lives. Finding a perfect partner with all the characters that you have always wanted gives a good feeling. If you are already enjoying a perfect relationship, you would not want to know that it has a bizarre side. But science has proven that there are numerous such facts. This article will look at some of the common ones that will leave your mouth wide open. Read on to know more.

You Need Only 4 Minutes to Like Someone

Studies conducted by reputable researchers have shown that a person takes up to 4 minutes to like a person and fall in love with them. This is what most people call love on first sight. It does not matter whether you have met online or physically. The instincts rarely lie to a person, especially when you meet a person who has the qualities that you like. Although this could be infatuation, the psychological reaction and effect are almost the same.

A Relationship Can be Both Painful and fulfilling

Have you been in a relationship that is both fulfilling and painful? If not, you should understand that this can happen to you. Science has proven that not always that people will walk away when a relationship is hurting. There can be a lot of things that you like about it and cannot imagine leaving without them. Still, it is the same feeling of fulfillment that makes most people give their relationships another chance even after a breakup. When the pain is too much or life threatening, some people usually give up and move on with their lives. It is more fulfilling when you get another perfect partner who will love you more.

Insecure Relationships Lead You to Social Media

If you are in an insecure relationship, you are likely to spend more time on social media pages like Facebook. Such people usually like posting pictures of themselves with their loved ones more often to console themselves. It is a psychological problem that digs deep into the minds of those who are insecure as they think that they can convince others of how happy they are. Whether you are dating a sugar mommy or sugar daddy whom you met on, insecurity can be traced in your social media activities.

Falling in Loves Gives the Same Feeling as Taking Cocaine

This is a neurological effect that occurs when people fall in love. Science has been able to confirm that it is the same feeling of unexplained feeling that cocaine users feel. As we all know, cocaine is addictive since people want to feel the feeling over and over again. Likewise, being in love is something people want to feel over and over again. That is why people do not get tired of listening to their partners when they are expressing how they feel about their love. This feeling does not know the age limit as long as a person has reached the age of understanding what love is.

Low Self Esteem Can Ruin Your Relationship

Are you suffering from low esteem? If so, you could be ruining your relationship without knowing. The feeling hinders you from appreciating the love from your partner and also playing your part to nurture the relationship. On the other hand, not many people who would like to be associated with a person who has low self-esteem. The problem is that they do not know how to express themselves and are always worried about themselves. They are not the type of partners you would like to introduce to your friends.

Cuddling Can Release a Natural Painkiller

According to science, cuddling is a natural remedy to pain. But how does this happen? The body sensors trigger the love hormone that is found on the testicles, ovaries and the brain. It is said, that this hormone has the capability to relief pain like mild headaches, muscle pain and other minor injuries. Surprising as it is this is a fact most people do not know or understand how it happens.


From these insights, it is clear that love is a good yet bizarre thing. Although many people prefer to enjoy it without digging deep about it, it is important to be aware of such facts.

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