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August 2019

Beauty in the eyes of the aesthetician

A client receives a facial treatment from Tshai Yorke at her Tshai's Beauty Shop, Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua. PHOTO: KEITH MATTHEWS

Beauty may be more than just be skin deep, but most women will agree that whether that statement is true or not, we still want the skin we’re in to represent a work of art. For this reason we either set aside the time to do our own beauty routine, or put our bodies in the hands of the professionals like aesthetician, Tshai Yorke. Tshai Yorke is an artist when it comes to beauty, and though this businesswoman may not suffer any of the characteristics attributed to artists, she definitely has a lot to be proud of. Tshai, who physically embodied grace and elegance, took time out of her busy yet flexible schedule to discuss the ins and outs of her Tacarigua based business. Her manner was both graceful and engaging as she laughed off numerous attempts to pronounce her name properly. It’s pronounced ‘Sa Hai’.

She recalled that from an early age she had been interested in beauty, and said she would regularly take someone’s feet into her lap as soon as they sat down and start doing a pedicure. It came naturally to her. Yet as easily as it came to her, Tshai chose a more conventional route after school and accepted a job in the accounting department at the Neal and Massy Group of companies. After 16 years with the company Tshai decided that something was missing, that something was security both financial and emotional.
“My father always told his kids, if you have an eight to four, or nine to five job, you would always pay your bills but you would never make money,” Tshai wanted to make money, but most of all she wanted to have her own business and live life her own way. So with that advice, just over 15 years ago, Tshai ended her accounting days, packed up her belongings and migrated to London to study in the field of her choice.

From doing manicures and pedicures for friends and family members, Tshai has now expanded both her services and clientele. She does facials, body treatments, waxing, which she said is big business especially at Carnival, teeth whitening, wart removal and even tattoo removals, among many other services.
Fifteen years after separating from the corporate life Tshai is happy and is a proud entrepreneur, who runs a successful business called Tshai’s Beauty Spot. She is literally a one woman show and uses her background to do her own financial management. In addition she also manages her company’s Web site, purchasing and overall operations. She refuses to complain though, and explained that because she runs her own establishments she is free to take clients as she wishes and so manages to maintain an easy balance in her life. Tshai spoke easily about her relationship with her clients, saying that she called most of them friends. “Doing a facial or giving a pedicure, all these things are very intimate, so I form relationships with my clients so that we can be comfortable with each other,” she said.

She said as people became more aware of the wider world through television and social media, more and more men and women were paying closer attention to their physical selves. She was quick to point out, however, that looking pretty wasn’t the only reason to take care of oneself, as regular manicures and pedicures do a lot to improve blood circulation and regular beauty treatments contributed to a positive self esteem. “Sometimes just waxing eyebrows or getting a facial can lift woman’s spirit. It can transform their face and they feel different when they walk out of the shop,” she said. Tshai said simple things like that let her know that her choice to start her own business was the right one. She admitted that though her fear of change was a major hurdle, the switch of direction from accounting to the beauty industry was an easy one.
Tshai has found absolute comfort and happiness in what she does, and holds true to the saying that if you do what you love and make a living, then you will never work a day in your life.

For further information contact Tshai at 689-6031.

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