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July 2019

3 Tips for a Commercial Kitchen to Deal with Electrical Hazards

A commercial kitchen is the center of the food service business. The food is stored, prepared and cooked in the kitchen and then served to the customers. Without a proper kitchen, it is not possible to turn a food business. The kitchen has a lot of safety hazards and without proper precautionary measures, the kitchen can become a dangerous place. Electrical hazards are a serious issue for the commercial kitchen. To run an efficient food service you will need to invest in commercial grade electrical appliances like ovens, blenders, commercial upright display fridge, etc. and they need to stay away from water sources. Electrocution and electrical fires are common safety hazards.

Here are a few tips for kitchens to make sure that there are proper safety precautions in place to avoid electrical accidents.


Identifying Potential Electrical Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen:

A restaurateur needs to hire a professional electrician to identify the potential electrical hazards. Identifying the problem is the key to taking the right precautionary measures. The kitchen staff will not be able to work properly if the working environment is not safe. There are some areas those more vulnerable to electrical hazards than the others.

The areas that contain countertop equipment can have worn out electrical cords and they can be extremely dangerous. The electrical appliances and water is a terrible match so an area where both are present is a vulnerable place. Faulty wiring and worn out electrical equipment create a danger zone. The areas that use extension cords are a hazardous area as well.


Awareness of Electrical Hazards:

Investing in electrical safety equipment is important but it will not be effective if not used properly. The electrical safety of a commercial kitchen depends significantly on the awareness of the kitchen staff. The kitchen staff should be aware of the potential electrical hazards present in the kitchen.

The staff working in the commercial kitchen should know how to shut off power in case of an emergency. The staff should also know the proper way to use cords, plugs, and electrical appliances.

The restaurateur should have a program that is effective in spreading safety awareness and training them to properly use the safety equipment.


Meet Health and Safety Standards:

 A successful restaurant needs a commercial kitchen that satisfies the occupational safety and health standards. The safety standards are put in place to make sure that the kitchen does not become a hazardous area. Without the health and safety standards, it will be hard to avoid food contamination and the quality of service will suffer significantly.

The appliances used in the commercial kitchen need to be of a certain standard. The kitchen staff also has to follow all the safety protocols like washing hands, wearing gloves, protective goggles, etc. The safety guidelines and protocols are put in place for a reason and they should never be avoided. The standards will keep the commercial kitchen safe from electrocution and electrical fires.

The success of the business depends on the quality of service they offer and to offer the best service it is essential to take care of electrical hazards.

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