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August 2019

Emma Miah's Blog (11)

3 Tips for a Commercial Kitchen to Deal with Electrical Hazards

A commercial kitchen is the center of the food service business. The food is stored, prepared and cooked in the kitchen and then served to the customers. Without a proper kitchen, it is not possible to turn a…


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4 Effective Ways to Improve Restaurant Sales

Image result for improve restaurant sales

Starting a restaurant is exciting but also a complex and difficult process. There are a lot of challenges that a restaurant has to overcome so that it can establish a reliable reputation in the industry. There is too much competition in the industry and small mistakes can cost a lot of restaurant sales. To run a successful restaurant it is important to stay ahead of the competition and have a plan to deal with…


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5 Ways to Make Sure that Commercial Property Stays Profitable for Years

The landlords want their property to be profitable. The commercial property needs to be attractive to the customers and they do not just consider the outlook of the place while renting it. If you want to keep your commercial property profitable then you have to pay attention to various aspects of the building. To get good profit you…


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A Quick Guide To Men’s Jumpsuits

Basically, jumpsuits are one piece garments that were previously used and designed for parachuters and skydivers. It prevents the air to pass through it and help the jumper to achieve an appropriate landing. It's specially designed in a way that it will help to insulate your body from the cold and air pressure of high altitudes by…


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4 Ways to Décor Your Room with Printed Bed Sheets

Printed bed sheets are the most effective tool in order to enhance the attractiveness of the bedroom. Many of the interior designers often use such bed sheets to decor the beds at their best. Prints on the bed sheets are quite handy to add an amazing texture in your bedding. If you will be succeed to use the printed bed sheets in a…


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5 Bathroom Essentials Every House Should Have

Bathroom is an important part of a house. Keeping a bathroom clean and organized is important not just for the aesthetics but also functionality. The bathroom is a place where you start your day and end it so it is important that you pay attention to the décor and functionality of the bathroom. Decorating the bathroom is a challenging task…


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4 Ingenious Food Handling Tips & Tricks

Food safety is a major concern of the food businesses. If the food is not kept in a safe and clean environment, then it can become contaminated. You cannot sell contaminated food to the customers so the business will end up losing a lot of money because of food waste. Whether you are storing the food in the kitchen or displaying the food in…


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3 Reasons You Should Built a Wine Cellar in Your Restaurant

Food and beverages are the critical part of the restaurant business. People come to the restaurant to eat delicious food and try tasty wine. Wine is a natural beverage and if it is not stored in an ideal condition it will spoil. All types of wine can spoil if they are cared for properly.

The restaurants need to make sure that…


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How to Set Your Place for Guests at Its Best

An intriguing home will allure guests and will wait in their brains long after they have cleared out. It will make their stay charming and significant while helping them to feel at home. At the point when your home ends up noticeably welcoming to visitors, it will likewise be all the more welcoming to you fulfilling it a place to be.



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4 Latest Caribbean Food Trends to Know

There is no limit to the variety of food you can enjoy in this world. Each and every region has its unique cuisine that has different taste. You can always have new experiences as there are always new things to try. The trends of food also keep on changing and the food lovers can always find fresh inspirational sources and try new things.

The Caribbean cuisine is an extremely popular cuisine. If you enjoy this delicious cuisine then you should be…


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How to Spend a Stress Free Life without Any Medical Assistant?

Ever have such a large number of things on your plate that the prospect of remembering to do only one additionally thing would make you insane? Is it true that you are attempting to fit so as to make it to the exercise centre and the market? Everybody gets worried now and again, and it can truly influence our personal satisfaction.

How might we shield worry from outdoing us? Examines demonstrate that the way we are influenced by stress depends…


Added by Emma Miah on August 11, 2017 at 3:19am — No Comments

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