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Cuba in Transition

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June 2019

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University of The West Indies About to Go Global

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday August 1, 2016 – With over 50 physical site locations in 17 English-speaking Caribbean countries, the University of the West Indies is well represented throughout the region. Now, UWI is set to expand globally.

According to Pro Vice Chancellor and…


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Where to Visit: Falmouth, Jamaica

Jamaica’s rich history and culture are equally appealing as its white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife. Across the island visitors will find various monuments and relics that speak to a plantation era of both hardship and triumph. In the 1800’s heyday of King Sugar, the Parish of Trelawny, Jamaica…


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Ancient ways and modern times


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Jamaica Focus: What to Do - The Au Naturel Experience

Source: Island Buzz Jamaica

With more nude beaches than any other Caribbean island, Jamaica is the perfect place to bare it all. Our au naturel beaches range from sedate and relaxing, to wilder and more self-indulgent. So it’s just a question of packing a towel and some serious sun block, and then picking a patch…


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Top 5 Places to See the Sunset in Jamaica

There’s no doubt about it, the perfect end to a day is witnessing a majestic sunset pulling down the curtains on a beautiful blue sky. Watching the sunset paint new colors across the sky and sea is a favourite pastime for many Jamaicans particularly when the suns rays are reflected on the surface of a…


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Where to Stay: Frenchman’s Cove Resort, Jamaica


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Jamaica Focus: Where to Stay! Jake’s Treasure Beach

For decades, Jamaica’s south coast has been the haunt of discerning travelers – wooed by its understated ambiance. It’s your turn to experience precious island treasures off the beaten track. From waterfalls to safaris, peppered shrimp to curried lobster, the South Coast is an eclectic retreat; complete with…


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Event Update: Little Ochie Seafood Carnival 2011

Known to be the best place in Jamaica to procure all sorts of seafood – cooked or uncooked Alligator Pond located on the island’s vast and beautifully exotic South Coast is a virtual haven for seafood lovers. The destination is famous for its food, as much as for its beach. Overlooking the black sands of the southern shoreline is one of the best places to eat seafood in the…


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Carnival Makeup - Revlon unveils C2K11 look

Carnival makeup can present one of the most challenging aspects of the female masquerader’s costume. Yet it is this finishing touch that can make or break your look on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

For masqueraders who want to maximise their Carnival budget by taking the do-it-yourself approach to…


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Jamaica telecoms sector gets fibre optic boost

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thursday February 17, 2011 – Prime Minister Bruce Golding has welcomed the landing of a 1,840 km, high speed fibre optic submarine cable linking Jamaica, Cuba and Venezuela, and sees it as strengthening the national capacity to participate in…


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Russian company to restart Jamaica operations

MOSCOW, Russia, Thursday February 17, 2011 – UC Rusal, the world’s largest aluminium producer, has decided to restart the operations at the Windalco-Kirkvine Works Plant in Jamaica from July.

The company said the investment cost of the resumption of operations is…


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CaribShout Country Focus: St. Maarten

Collectively known as St. Martin, the island was named by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1493. Although Columbus claimed the island for Spain, there is no evidence that the explorer ever landed here. Over the years, like most islands in the West Indies, St. Martin became a pawn in the great…


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Grenada, a Year Older but a Much Wiser and Determined Nation

As the country he leads celebrates the 37th anniversary of its independence, Tillman Thomas, Grenada’s Prime Minister, struck a note of optimism as he looked to the short and medium terms.

“Yes, 2011 can be a good year for Grenada. The focus for the country is on economic growth this year,” was…


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Book Review - Built by Brokenness

It’s not every day that one comes across a Caribbean writer who has had over 250,000 copies of their first book sold in the United Kingdom and over 150,000 in the United States.  So meeting Shaliza Ali, a T&T born author of the widely acclaimed Built by Brokenness, was a pleasure. At age 36, the mother of one…


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Fashion galore at Outta de Blue

The QRC Foundation pulled out all stops on Saturday to ensure that Outta de Blue XII, held at The Courtyard of Queen’s Royal College, St Clair was a success. Persistent showers, which began since Friday, eased up to allow patrons an enjoyable time. The party was attended by a virtual who’s who…


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Baby Doc's return to Haiti revives dark memories of Duvalier era


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U.S. opens the door further on travel to Cuba

For the second time since taking office, President Obama eased restrictions on travel by Americans to Cuba. The relaxed rules are scheduled to take effect by the end of this week.



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Trinidad Focus - St James Sec celebrates 50 years

With violence, youth delinquency and teacher absenteeism on the rise in many schools throughout the country, the students of St James Secondary have been called upon to actively pursue their school’s motto to “Set Standards High” and strive for excellence. On Wednesday, students, past and present, as well as…


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Excerpt: 'American Uprising'

On the night of January 8, the rain continued to come down. Water coursed along the wood roofs of the slave quarters, drowning their staccato voices with streaming, rushing noise.  Twenty-five dark faces looked…


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US students enjoy pan

Nineteen students from Delaware University in the United States were given a formal reception last Wednesday, by Deputy Mayor of Arima, Patricia Cedeno-Metivier, who welcomed them at the Arima Town Hall. The students are in this country…


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