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Started by CHRIS RICH Dec 19, 2009. 0 Replies


Birthdays Tomorrow




May 2019
Raspect to all individual that are venturing out of the "just existing" world to the independent world of biz. Please do nuff research get ideas from places like wiki or goggle the area of your interest and do make contact /network with those who share your interest-especially the successful people ( why rebuild the wheel).
Me I worked with a telecommunication company for 4 !/2 years working my azz off. I always knew that I wanted to go forward-full time-into my own- but procratinated- It took the critical illness of my mother to see that the world of other peep biz wont stop to accomadate your stress- As soon as she died they release me for excessive absence- Even thought I was told during the ordeal that I they have my back--Yeah with a knife in it- Anyway-It was GOD's way of pushing me to do what my heart always said -Do your own- I immediatley started making calls and networking-Catching up on old links-I linked a major reggae star and started to do his artists work permit and visa -booking tour dates or what ever it takes for the artist to spread their wing- Plan community event(festivals) am in the process of creating a non profit community org. Its not an easy road at this point but I love the fact that I have control- I promt your people to keep the dream alive and do research nuff of that and make positive links- One Love
You can link me at

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