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May 2019

Jesse and Joshua Kelly, the Caribbean team Raleigh Tro Bro

Published by J.A.V.

Date: March 30, 2017

In: Cycling, French Cycling

They are brothers and they come from the Caribbean, specifically from the island of Barbados. But Brothers Kelly, Joshua (21 years) and Jesse (23 years) have chosen to live in Finistère for the 2017 season. Their place in the sky was born from a meeting with other brothers, Thibault and Matthieu Jeannès In 2015 on the Tour of Trinidad and Tobago. The following summer, they found them in the VC Pontivy. Far from their sunny itineraries and their island, they are mainly there to learn the work, to take a little cash as "made in BZH". And this weekend, they will race the Tour of the Land of Lesneven / Côtes des Légendes (TPCL) in Finistère in the team led by Eric Berthou: the team Raleigh Tro Bro. They will have a lot to do with a beautiful plateau composed of Team Côtes d'Armor Marie-Morin, Team Pays de Dinan, VCP Loudéac, VCP Lorient, Hennebont Cyclisme and many others.

Joshua, the youngest, is the Barbados road champion and even more importantly is the Caribbean Individual Time Trial champion won last season. Jesse has already achieved some beautiful performances. Saturday, they are lined up in Lesneven with their teammates Fabien Queroué, Mael Lamour, Lionel Le Han and Gautier Hervo to the sound of the music of their culture which are the "Steeldrum" and the "Biniou"!

Joshua Kelly 21, Caribbean Time trial champion in 2015 and 2016 Road champion of Barbados

"Brittany is the best way to learn work"

Interviewer: Joshua, why did you choose to ride in Brittany?

Joshua Kelly: "We also know that France is a country of cycling tradition. There are beautiful courses and a very good level. In Brittany, cycling is a king sport with beautiful classics and beautiful courses in stages. We met Matthieu and Thibault Jeannes on the trip to Trinidad and Tobago. We quickly became friends and our helped us to ride in France. They welcomed us and they always do. This time we came back for a long time, until April. Then we will go home to compete in the national championships. You are really allowed to progress and learn again and again. Here, it is the top to learn the work, in addition the area is beautiful. "

You will be racing with the Raleigh Tro Bro team under the direction of Eric Berthou for the TPLCL ..

Joshua Kelly: "Yes, Eric Berthou has a great record as a former pro. There are plenty of trips and events for international racing, and lots of welcomed advice. They set up a nice team with guys who go for it. In addition, he speaks English which facilitates understanding of orders and advice during the event. "

What are your goals on this Tour of the Pays de Lesneven?

Joshua Kelly: "Ride for the team and if on can go, will not hesitate to do so. The 1st and 3rd stage I like and I hope I could do something. The team time trial is likely to be a bit challenging as not all of us know each other well enough yet within the team. But on the two opening stages, I hope to do something. "

What are the differences between the South American and French racing?

Joshua Kelly: "Here, it's" full-gas "as they say. At the bottom all the time, head in the handlebars. There is never any time on the ease in Brittany. With us, it is rather a quick start and then on one of the moments of slowdown,recovery to get ready for speed again. You start with a block and finish with a block. The distances also are shorter by us, so it's good for us this is a niceway to learns to work endurance, intensity and placement. We still need more experience in these areas (laughs). "

Learning Breton courses with Jesse Kelly (Photo Marine Pirio)

What are your goals for next year?

Joshua Kelly: "As I told you, Jesse and I are here to learn the job. Then try to make podiums before the end of April to give back to those who have placed trust in us. These performances also allow us to apply for a DN1 or French DN2 next season. We love your country and of course to really learn about our sport, France is the finest school especially in Brittany. "

The Raleigh Tro Bro team on the Tour of Lesneven / Côtes des Légendes (TPLCL)


LEHAN Lionel


Hervo Gautier



KELLY Joshua


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