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All of this, except for perhaps the NBA Live Mobile Coins tedious fixed camera angles, would be forgivable if the Runescape gameplay held strong. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.Equipped with your katana and a cybernetic arm for combo attacks, as well as a nifty whip for some good old fashioned crowd control, it seems like Yaiba has all of the necessary tools to get the job done. He can even grab weapons and body parts off of enemies to make them into short-lived secondary weapons, which you'd think would add a bit of extra depth to the hacking and slashing, but prove to be a bit obnoxious to get a hold of and break very quickly.

Yaiba still tries to keep the focus on the blocking and counter-attacking the Gaiden series has become famous for but, unfortunately, the engine here simply can't keep up with that kind of skill-based gameplay. Controls are too sluggish and loose, meaning that most of your encounters will boil down to a button-mashing frenzy with little rhyme or reason. Yaiba is simply a chore to try and control with any sense of, well, control, meaning that making your way into the later, and far more difficult, battles is something of a chore.The Ninja Gaiden series has always been difficult, but Yaiba is tough for all of the wrong reasons.

Losing a battle in previous Runescape games felt fair; you were overpowered because you did not get the timing down or forgot to dodge an attack. Lacking a true sense of control and facing a difficulty curve that basically translates into “just add more and more monsters,” you'll often find yourself waiting for the respawn in white-knuckled anger as you die over and over again. You don't feel like the Runescape game bested you, you feel like the sloppy graphics, obnoxious camera and poor controls cheated you.

That's never a recipe for fun.I still feel like there is a wonderful concept buried in the mess that evolved into Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. I very much so want to play the Runescape game I first experienced about a year ago. But that's not what I got. And I'm not faulting the Runescape game for not turning out to be what I was hoping it would be. I'm faulting it for being a lackluster action title that demands a level of play its mechanics, graphics and camera simply cannot accommodate. Everything about Yaiba screams “I'm going to be fun as hell.” What I played, however, seldom delivered on Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins that promise.Runescape players: 1Platforms: PS3 (reviewed), Xbox 360Developer.

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