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Started by CShout1 Dec 13, 2016. 0 Replies

Cuba in Transition

Started by CShout1 Dec 13, 2016. 0 Replies


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April 2019

I will actually tell you guys I am tired.

I really don't see the point of what I am doing any longer, since my Foundation started three schools that had really good treatments and methodologies for the Autistic and intellectually disabled people have closed and one is about to close.

I appreciate being appreciated but that is not what I was asked to do by God... pointing out to someone that oh you have Autism, den dem stan up and stare inna space make me feel like shit.Cause there is no where set up Jamaica for them to continue on the path to healing.

I have no where to send these people when they become aware of their child's Autism, no interventions are forth coming, no jobs are there catering to the parents so they can help themselves, the schools are too expensive, through no fault of their own.

No feedback on the issue from the Government with the rapidity that it needs to happen; is coming.

The people involved are all goodhearted giving what they do not have, losing their own families, lives and still no state body group or team is being formulated to even fully support the successful Autism schools that exist and upgrade and augment them, so that some action or much more action can get underway.

I am tired - I am not doing this for myself and I happy when people say great work ...but I need these people to get some help and I cannot do it!

I am not a nation!

If women and families are dying of hunger and children are still left out and they grow into adults and nothing still? What am I doing?

Really tired tired tired can't go on anymore can't bother lets just all live and then die as we are meant to bitter much yeah

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