MU Legend Features: Rift Will Use A Different Map And Monsters

MU Legend incorporates a huge fans group, the action had some cool aspects if you want grinding and trading. In original MU whenever you created a character you got to the main town and you went out killing some monsters and receiving some gold and getting some new gear and it absolutely was awesome.

However, in MU Legend, each and every time players enter, the Rift make use of MU Zen a different map and monsters. The aim in the Rift is always to clear out the monsters and face the boss. Depending on how fast players defeat the boss, additional rewards will probably be given. The Rift also provides players which has a special currency called Magic Stone.

The basic with the MMORPG is levelling in the character through PvE, and that is exactly what MU Legend is centered on. In PvE, the Rift is among the most interesting content for players. Each open field in MU Legend should have a Rift portal, then when players enter, the monster levels and rewards is going to be set based on the character level that entered.

Compared to D3, major difference is that MU Legend appears like huge MMORPG and dash with far more different playstyle than MMO. Skill mastery system and character mastery and character mastery different, more technical and interesting. MU Legend is a lot closer to the standard MMORPG fetch quests and linear maps, there is absolutely no open world PK. Don't hesitate, there's cheap MU Legend Zen available for purchase in MMOAH.

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