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May 2019

Maia Chung Television shares Autism Updates

Shattering Myths About People Living on the Spectrum
This is a one-of-a-kind breath-taking gift for a loved one or your family.
It will be cherished for generations to come.

So take a peek at our 2 for 1 offer below
Book Details:

Artism: The Art of Autism offers an incredible glimpse into the imaginative world of people on the autism spectrum. With 54 artists from around the world representing all ages, the book shows that autism has no boundaries and manifests differently in each person diagnosed. At once inspiring and myth defying, the art spans a range of emotion and subject material. This is a must read for those who are interested in the creative potential of the human mind.

The book is 144 pages, 12 x 9 inches with 218 full-color illustrations and 4 essays by experts in the field. Priced at $34.95 this book makes a perfect gift for someone to display on their coffee table.

Hardcover - to last forever

What does the Autism Society of America say about this book?

New Book Shares the Vision and Spectacular Art Created by People with Autism

March 24, 2011

People with autism may see, feel, hear and think about the world differently. In many cases, their sensory perceptions are truly different. However, while people with autism may have difficulty speaking, relating and communicating with people, they may have profound insights and capabilities in other areas. In fact, some people with autism have shown high levels of human excellence and creative ability.

A new book, Artism: The Art of Autism, offers a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of people with autism and their creative works. This book contains 218 full-color illustrations featuring 54 artists of all ages and from all parts of the world. The book also offers up the personal insights and perceptions of the contributors themselves.

The artwork and voices in this book offers new insights and dimension to our understanding of how autism manifests differently in each person.


"As you look at the pages in this beautiful book, I hope you will ponder this question: when is an artist simply an artist, and when is an artist a person with a disability?" Keri Bowers, Preface


"Because our children and adults with autism have the unique ability to focus on intense interests, they are able to perfect their skills. …. They actually can become the art." Karen Simmons, Introduction


"As I compiled Artism: The Art of Autism, I realized the book is a wonderful tool to help dispel mainstream myths about people with autism." Debra Hosseini, Why the Art of Autism?


"Art gives us … a greater appreciation of what it is to be human." Stephen Shore, Art as Being for People on the Spectrum


"The fact many of these artists have not had formal training does not disqualify them from being ‘insiders;’ rather it makes their work all more spectacular." Darold Treffert, M.D., The Artist with Autism: a Very Special Person


"Autism … is exceptional because it continually eludes our definitions, expectations, and treatments, but also because it offers a chance for us to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world that might otherwise pass us by." Colin Zimbleman, At Society’s Growing Edge

Temple Grandin:
A Hero and Woman With a Unique Vision

Includes the original drawings of Dr Temple Grandin as featured in the Emmy Award-Winning Story of Her Life!
Artism: The Art of Autism in Hardcover

Limited time offer - One for Your Family and One for a Holiday Gift

just One Copy   2 (Two) Copies
for $34.95 of this wonderful and beautiful book

That's one for your family
and one to use as a cherished gift

This amazing book is sure to be a family keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

An intelligent example of Autism Awareness!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Top 11 Reasons to Buy Artism: The Art of Autism today!

1. This book is a perfect birthday gift, or holiday gift for anyone.

2. It shatters myths that people with autism have no vision, creativity, or imagination.

3. 54 artists from around the world, it shows how those on the spectrum have overcome their challenges through their art.

4. A book to share with your child with autism & their friends & family. Inspire your child by presenting real-life role models.

5. It has essays by experts on the field of autism and art.

6. With 218 full-color graphics, it will dress up your coffee table and make a great conversation piece.

7. It gives one insight into the minds of those on the spectrum and how they feel about autism and their art.

8. It shows how parents have helped their children by advocating for art.

9. It is a wonderful gift for teachers, parents, therapists, and anyone who loves good art.

10. It is a profound and inspiring book that adds another dimension to the complexity of autism.

11. And finally, If you are dealing with a family member or educator who thinks your child has a limited potential, give them this book!

Customer Support Email:

Customer Support Phone:
In the US or Canada, call toll-free 866-9AUTISM (866-928-8476)

Autism Today - Canada Office (Main)
301 Wye Rd, Suite 11
Box 64260
Sherwood Park, AB T8B 0A5

Autism Today - USA Office
1425 Broadway #444
Seattle, WA 98122

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