Three neuro-typical or normal young Jamaican women haven proven, it pays for the normal to help the less fortunate, read the Autistic and the otherwise disabled.
The three young women in question are Nicole Nation, Javanna Haughton and Shavell Skeel, who made history by becoming the first set of young Jamaicans to earn the title Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors.
The young women were the happy recipients of their prizes, as the winning competitors of the inaugural Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors competition staged this year, by The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation (MCADF) on Thursday April 28-2011, the 3rd anniversary of the MCADF.
The competition which began in January culminated in April this year, in time to coincide with the observance of global Autism month - April 2011.
The competitors received their prizes at the offices of The Jamaica Observer.
The competition formed a major part of the MCADF's three year milestone.
The winners, of which Nicole Nation was adjudged the top contender, carried out essay writing about various disabilities, created displays to educate their respective communities about the needs of the disabled; as well as enacting fundraisers to assist disabilities facilities in their communities.
The winners received trophies sponsored by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, JABLUM and MCADF patron Senator Norman Grant.
They also received cash prizes, scholarships and internships.
Ms. Nation who was the most outstanding candidate has won a 3 month internship to work with the Jamaica Observer's All Woman magazine.
She received 15 thousand dollars from Super Plus, a scholarship for certification in voice and speech from the Creative Production and Training Centres Media Training Institute and the Senator Norman Grant Autism and Disabilities Ambassadors Trophy.
On hand for the prize giving were MCADF board member Jeanette Gordon and Avery Bailey of the Media Training Institute.
The 3 young ladies will be during the course of their reign active as part of the MCADF work in helping the Autistic and the disabled.
This year's competition was sponsored by Super Plus, The CPTC's Media Training Institute, The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer,  Senator Norman Grant, JABLUM, Mavis Bank Coffee Factory and Kwasi Tinglin.
 Autism is a brain disorder which mainly affects males and is characterized in the main, by speech impairment, the inability to relate emotionally in a normal manner and repetitive and sometimes aggressive behaviors.

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