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April 2019

Each Port-a-Fort will place some tires in the bottom that will throw anyone who rolls them around the top of the structure. When you've just constructed one or will need to get back to the very best that is pretty handy, but it may also be your downfall as it makes it very simple for a foes to sneak in and quickly fly before you even know they're there. So to be certain that doesn't happen attempt setting a simple wooden floor over the fortnite items part where the fort opens up at the top.

Doing so - particularly in solos where you won't wish to share the fort with anyone - should be the very first thing you do every time you float out a Port-a-Fort. If a foe wishes to make it to you at the top level they will need to make some significant noise to break that floor you put, and that will give you more than enough time to turn around and bring them down.

As an added bonus, doing so will signify that you also don't fall down once you walk backwards hoping to prevent some incoming fire, forgetting best places to buy fortnite weapons there's a massive hole right behind you.

Port-a-Forts are pretty obvious goals, and while they aren't easy to take it down doesn't take much to ruin one of the staircase at the top in which you will most likely be standing. If a person does ruin among the segments of their top then it's surely worth rebuilding it using metal (if you can) as quickly as possible, even if the immediate danger is not coming from that direction.

A destroyed section leaves you exposed from more angles than you'd think and may spell disaster for your odds of a Victory Royale. But simply rebuilding it will at least give you some quantity of cover, and shield you fairly well. Maintaining your structure up after throwing out it is pretty important, as falling into the ground will usually result in a fast death.

Mmogo has the most game currency and items, the fastest delivery speed, welcome to!

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