Former professional StarCraft player Greg 'IdrA' Fields chimes in within the 2014 World Championship Series details

This article was originally published on GameSpot's sister site, which has been dedicated to esports coverage.Blizzard has announced several important changes for the World Championship Series (WCS) today, the vast majority of which are created to make life easier for non-Korean players and non-WCS tournaments.The biggest changes revolve around their massively reduced broadcast schedule. Now there will probably be only three seasons within the entire year of competition, with intends to only broadcast a couple of days a week for ten weeks per season. Challenger and qualifier events will likely not be broadcast at all around the partnered WCS channels, nevertheless the overall prize pool remains unchanged. This means Blizzard, and/or NASL and ESL, consider a large hit regarding money with less advertising revenue being released off of broadcasts, even though this should be somewhat mitigated from the elimination on the global season finals.
Personal streams, despite declining viewership and ad revenue, really are a far bigger revenue stream and are of more value to teams compared to Buy Sunwell Gold the tournament results that 99% of non-Korean players are prepared for achievingMost in the attention on 2014’s changes are going to be focused around the region locking, though the freeing up from the broadcast schedule should have a much bigger impact around the non-Korean StarCraft scene. Personal streams, despite having declining viewership and ad revenue, can be a far bigger income and are of more value to teams as opposed to tournament results that 99% of non-Korean players are designed for achieving. With 2013 WCS broadcasts since the entirety of prime European and North American viewing hours four to five days weekly personal stream viewership was nearly nonexistent. Also, tournaments from a notable size just weren't allowed to contest with WCS broadcasts, and those that ran in cooperation with WCS performed poorly because community is overwhelmed with content. With WCS scaling back there will probably certainly be more potential for players to earn more reliable money through streaming, and hopefully upset in the newly branded WCS Global Events.
That being said, the location locking remains, at first, the gigantic change the majority in the community is calling for. One on the explicit goals of Blizzard's WCS would have been to encourage the development of international progaming, thereby far it offers clearly done the other. Blizzard acknowledged how they failed to anticipate the will amongst mid-level Korean players to earn fast money and have changed the structure with the 2014 season to ensure that all but two and four slots for America and Europe, respectively, head over to citizens or legal residents on the specified regions. This is really a well-meaning change, however it is possible to the two and four entirely unrestricted slots available, and, inside TeamLiquid Q/A, Blizzard states that any non-resident players already inside the WCS Premier or Challenger leagues for just about any region may stay in that region after they can stay in no less than Challenger league. Blizzard acknowledges that region locking is important, but won't take the measures was required to implement it fully. Of course perhaps the partial region locking will still provide more opportunities for non-Korean players than were obtainable in 2013, but they is going to be limited opportunities that can come at the cost in the quality on the tournament. Now as opposed to watching mid-level Koreans contest with each other, occasionally producing good games get the job done players themselves weren’t very personable, we’ll get yourself a handful of Koreans who had been lucky enough to acquire grandfathered in from a year ago bashing for the non-Koreans who now reach progress slightly further prior to knocked out.The BAD part would be that the koreans especially top koreans already in WCS AM will practically never leave.
The additional unrestricted slots each season are, especially, completely nonsensical. There is absolutely no basis for them to exist if that is not that will be a major international competition, they exist purely to ensure that Blizzard know they aren’t just handing foreigners fast money."Given the overall downsizing from the KeSPA StarCraft scene, between player retirements, team dissolutions, and sponsorship problems, it is unsurprising."While most major changes on the 2014 season belong to those two umbrellas, in addition there are notable changes happening for the Korean region. Prize money for your region will likely be upped, in acknowledgement in the higher level of competition as well as the restrictions of region locking. Also, WCS Korea will be hosted solely by GOMTV beneath the Global StarCraft 2 League (GSL) banner. OnGameNet (OGN) retains broadcasting rights to StarCraft and Starcraft 2, but doesn't have a current promises to host any events. This doesn't have real impact about the WCS itself, besides much more continuity between seasons, but does lend itself to your rumors that OGN and KeSPA are abandoning StarCraft and only a bigger target League of Legends. Given the overall downsizing on the KeSPA StarCraft scene, between player retirements, team dissolutions, and sponsorship problems, this really is unsurprising.Overall, it really is clear that Blizzard heard all on the complaints the town had regarding recently's WCS.
They made impactful changes, all going along with the consensus of public opinion. The new broadcast schedule will probably be a shot inside arm for non-Korean StarCraft on the direct price of Blizzard, and is particularly an excellent move by them. The partial region locking is really a good and a lot of needed change, and even though it does not really go where it should we were holding somewhat hamstrung by their policies from not too long ago. Despite a general feeling of negativity inside the StarCraft community in the last year, event quality and viewership numbers in its entirety have been succeeding, and are also largely the victim of oversaturation and public perception. These changes is going a long way towards fixing can 2014 is a very good year for StarCraft. MMOAH offers Cheap Warmane Gold, full in stock for all servers, deliver ASAP. MMOAH has attracted plenty of players since they have been doing service for many years, and they have been the very professional supplier as products third party.

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