Devs Promise Improvements on the Hunting Feature

Thanks to guide you should know about Neverwinter Astral Diamonds everything concerning the Hunting feature. And probably that farming Trophies and Star Hunts is usually a pain. Luckily asterdahl answered questions across the topic in recent days and promised several improvements dropping rates and loot. Here are the main quotes:

Trophies, T-Rex Fang
In summary, once this alteration is live, all players who contribute a single point of injury to a Tyrannosaurus rex kill will get a fang, no matter whether they are in the party you aren't. For all other rare spawns, all players who contribute get a chance at earning a trophy. This chance will never be adjusted through the original value, therefore the overall variety of trophies entering player possession boosts. No adjustments happen to be made to 1 star hunt marks and above.

Loot from Star Hunts
Thank you with the feedback. I have already been looking into the rewards that have been setup for hunts, and we will make some adjustments and improvements for the system. We agree how the payout, particularly with the higher ranks aren't worth the investment. We will to have to make adjustments to all tiers, however the changes is going to be most significant for your King of Spines. Chiefly, the King of Spines will drop all types of hunt rings, but only +4 and +5 rarities, which means that your likelihood of receiving a +5 ring is going to be dramatically higher from your King of Spines.

Split-Ti Bug
I haven't personally been taking care of this issue, however, a fix for this problem is currently in testing and currently scheduled for in the future.

Avoiding the Unique Trophy Limit
It isn't intended that you are able to hold these with your mailbox in order to avoid the unique limit. We will be creating adjustments. It is very much intended that one could only hold considered one of each lure and certainly one of each trophy. We think its great if people hunt his or her lures before forming an organization, but we don’t want the play experience to get hording huge amounts of lures and running the identical hunts frequently. Both for pacing of play along with congestion on lairs.

This appears like great improvements overall having a major hit to farming when you actually are only in a position to hold one kind of Trophy. It are going to be a lot of heading back and forth between Port Nyanzaru and Soshenstar River. And you can get Neverwinter Diamonds from our site

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