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The voice of Nicole Jordan

In her own words, Nicole Jordan is an ‘anti-diva’. If you met her, you’d instantly agree with the self-description, but if you’d just heard about her you’d probably be skeptical. She is the holder of a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance, a Master of…


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Trinidad Focus: Celeste Hart-Washington Bringing Weddings to Life

By: Roslyn Carrington

“Weddings are great, but it’s a serious job.  It’s someone’s memorable moment. You have to make people happy, even beyond what they were expecting. You…


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St. Lucia Focus: LIME & Subway Reward Top Spellers

Grade 5 students from every corner of Saint Lucia battled to the finish on Wednesday June 13, as the 2012 National Primary Schools Spelling Bee Finals were held at the St Mary’s College auditorium. After nearly four gruelling hours, Xanther…


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Sandals hosts manufacturers expo!

Following a meeting with the St Lucia Manufacturers Association, Sandals Resorts International committed to sponsoring a mini-expo providing the members of the association with an opportunity to showcase their products. The expo on Wednesday, June 13 provided an opportunity for review of top-notch local…


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Advancing Haiti Agenda at St. Lucia Jazz Festival!

Wespe-Pou-Ayiti will perform May 13.

For the average person, the name Haiti conjures scenes of poverty, civil unrest, voodoo and in more recent times, devastation caused by the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010. But the followers of history recognise and…


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St. Lucia Focus: Taxi driver has ‘Gyptian oops’ moment in the House

Members of Parliament were treated to Jamaican singer Gyptian’s “Hold Ya” during the morning session of the first day of Debates on the Estimates when someone’s cell phone rang. The ring tone interrupted Arsene James’ address to the House and caught the attention of the Speaker.

There was a loud outburst of laughter in the House as the ring tone kept on going way longer than anyone would have expected. Even the Prime Minister could not prevent his facial muscles from contracting as…


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The Income Gap: Unfair, Or Are We Just Jealous? What is the Caribbean View?

The widening gulf between the rich and everyone else is a growing source of tension in America.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds the income gap is now seen as a bigger source of conflict in the U.S. than race, age or national origin. That's why some believe the issue could…


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In Haiti, Hope Is Still Hard To Find

Elicia Andre, who says she used to be much larger — a sign of affluence in Haiti — is now almost skin and bones.

You can see some progress in Haiti two years since the 7.0-magnitude quake hit. But Port-au-Prince is a tour of unrelenting misery and often disturbing images.…


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St. Lucia Focus: When politicians unite, should the people duck for cover?

House ladies of St Lucia: From left—Rosella King, Justice Suzie d’Auvergne, Berthia Parle, Jeannine Compton-Antoine, Dame Pearlette Louisy, Virginia Albert-Poyotte and Emma Hippolyte at the Opening of the House of Parliament. (Photo: Marius Modeste)

There was once a…


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Amelia Toro designs high-fashion clothes, Colombian style


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Government allows Cubans to buy, sell cars under new rules

For the first time since the 1959 revolution, all Cubans will be allowed to buy and sell their cars, the latest in a…


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Cultural Exchange: The play's the thing in El Salvador


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Cuba draws on the past as it struggles with economic reform


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Cuba opening to private enterprise spurs service sector start-ups


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Cigar makers target Cuban women

Cuba's state-owned tobacco company is wooing women, with their very own version of the famous Havana cigar. But is cigar-smoking destined to remain a man's world?

Hundreds of cigar distributors, businessmen and tobacco lovers are descending on…


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U.S. opens the door further on travel to Cuba

For the second time since taking office, President Obama eased restrictions on travel by Americans to Cuba. The relaxed rules are scheduled to take effect by the end of this week.



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Trinidad Focus - St James Sec celebrates 50 years

With violence, youth delinquency and teacher absenteeism on the rise in many schools throughout the country, the students of St James Secondary have been called upon to actively pursue their school’s motto to “Set Standards High” and strive for excellence. On Wednesday, students, past and present, as well as…


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I’m a pan lover

Former National Calypso Monarch Denyse Plummer is declaring her love affair with the steelpan—the national musical instrument of T&T—like never before. The multiple National Calypso Queen credits her rise as an entertainer to her association with the only acoustic musical instrument…


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St. Kitts Focus - Fewer dropouts, more police

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Monday January 3, 2011 – Plans to reduce the drop-out rate in schools will be implemented this year and a new and upgraded police post to serve the southern areas of Frigate Bay and Southeast Peninsula are among strategies to deal…


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Is Cuba set for major changes in 2011?

It remains unclear whether Cuba's fledgling private sector will take off or stagnate in 2011. Mirkeyis

Calvo used to work in a state-run restaurant. Now she has converted the

front room of her suburban Havana home house into "Miky's Cafe".


It is a…


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