December 2014 Blog Posts (13)

Happy New Year!!!!

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Researchers Discover How Jamaican Sprinters Outrun The World Inside The Oval

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is literally the fastest person in the world. He is the very first Olympic athlete to hold 100 meters and 200 meters world records, having…


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Belize and Guatemala find peace in new bilateral agreements

The 44th SICA Summit (Central American Integration System) in Placencia, Belize played host to a historic signing of 13 bilateral agreements between Belize and Guatemala. The moment marks a major breakthrough in decades-long conflict between both nations.

The new…


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Jamaica Focus; Bauxite mining to resume

The mining of bauxite will resume in Jamaica next month as the Russian based company UC Rusal has been given the go ahead to mine and export up to two million crude wet tones of monohydrate bauxite over an 18-month period, starting in January.

The mining will take place ahead of the…


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Interesting implications for renewed U.S./Cuba diplomatic relations

President Barack Obama’s announcement renewing diplomatic relationships between the U.S. and Cuba has, as should be expected, resulted in a storm of controversy. 

The nature of the controversy suggests the plans a done deal. Lost in the excitement is the fact that representatives of the U.S. and…


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Great Start for New Year: St. Kitts is Named a “Travel Hotspot” for 2015

With the year soon coming to a close, St. Kitts has just received two more honors to add to its growing list of awards and recognitions for tourism excellence. The Huffington Post has named St. Kitts & Nevis as one of the Top 15 Emerging Travel Hotspots for 2015 and Business Insider has ranked the…


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A Very Merry CaribShout Christmas

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Jamaica: What is there for us in Cuba's rebirth?

A US and a Cuban flag hang from the same balcony in Old Havana, Cuba, on Friday, December 19, 2014. (PHOTO: AP)

By:Mark Wignall

ONCE Barack Obama took office…


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Cuba comes to life in experimental 3D short film

Julian Yuri Rodriguez, right, and Andres Rivera have produced a "virtual reality" film for the Borscht Film Festival that puts the viewer in 360-degree images of Havana sites with the help of the Oculus viewer on Julian's head. PATRICK…


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High in the Andes, a tenuous haven for Cubans

Cyndy Corcho is one of the almost 120,000 Cubans who have traveled to Ecuador in the last five years hoping to build a new life. Travel reforms on the island — combined with Ecuador’s lax immigration policies — have made the Andean nation a hotbed for…


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A proud moment for Ms Alia Atkinson and Jamaica

EASILY, one of Ms Alia Atkinson's most endearing qualities is her humility.

Shortly after she created…


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Jamaica Focus: 'Princess Boonoonoonoos' To Ignite Boxing Day

Marcia Rowe, Gleaner Writer

If you ever wondered what it was like to hang several letters of 'O' on a string, think no…


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Timeless Satisfies All Ages

Marcia Rowe, Gleaner Writer…


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