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Started by CShout1 Dec 13, 2016. 0 Replies

Cuba in Transition

Started by CShout1 Dec 13, 2016. 0 Replies


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April 2019

What Caribbean islands do you think (or know for sure) the most financially stable?

I would love anyone's opinion on  this subject....

Tags: Caribbean, Financially, Strong, currency, stable

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I will say Trinidad & Tobago due to their wide range of resources such as Oil, Gas and Manufacturing sectors. The other depend alot on the Tourism sector....they need to invest the GDC into other resources such as agriculture, energy etc. in order to stabilize their economy.

Shawn thanks for your input....My Mother was born in Trinidad and I have visited Trinidad and Tobago.  I am Jamaican and as much as I love my island and visit every year what distresses me there is the crime.

Yes indeed the crime is what distresses me too but its unfortunate that some politicians utilize those activities to put a nation in fear to get votes. I was not too much in support of the State of Emergency (SOE) last year since it will affect alot of business activities but at least some level of attempt have to be  made...its more distressing to see the current opposition hoping for the crime to escalate again like the past 3 years to claim that the SOE was a failure. But I operate in Trinidad & Tobago and i have to focus on getting couple major initiatives that will help somewhat to improve the quality of life in Trinidad & Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean in the form of Recycling Programs and International distribution of Caribbean based TV content. Trinidad, Jamaica and other Islands are part of CARICOM and we who have additional operations outside of the caribbean region need to capitalize on what we have access to and impart it back to our country and by extension, the caribbean region.

I would hazrsd a guess by saying it would be Barbados,as one has never heard of any turmoil in that Island


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