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Cuba in Transition

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May 2019

Despite all efforts to date, the Caribbean continues to be seriously afflicted by a seemingly worsening scourge of crime. Judging from some recent headlines, violent acts are increasing with regularity and apparent impunity – in some cases becoming even more gruesome.
Much of this is gang and drugs related, and no country appears to be immune from this predicament.

What can and should be done about this situation?

Some high (or low) points:

Regional: The Caricom Secretary General, Dr Edwin Carrington, recently declared that grappling with the upsurge in violent crime in the region is an urgent matter.

Trinidad: The government is considering permitting videotaped testimonies in trials to try to prevent the collapse of murder cases because frightened witnesses change their initial evidence. Estimates of gang-related murders in the county range between 60 and 80 percent.

Guyana: There’s been widespread criticism of the security forces in Guyana after allegations that police there tortured two murder suspects.

Jamaica: The Police Commissioner has resigned after failing to rein in violent crime in Jamaica. Police statistics show that more than 1,300 people have been murdered so far this year. Recently, a group of business owners formed their own security force saying the police weren't doing enough to tackle crime.

Rest of the region: The picture is equally dismal.

What’s driving this crime wave?
Is the Caribbean in danger of losing the battle against crime?
Are tougher measures needed?
Is more external assistance the answer?
Is this a task for the police alone?
Are governments overwhelmed by the situation?
Are you fearful?

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I think if it wasn't for the crime more people would return to Jamaica. My sister and I were attacked a few years ago while sleeping at my father's house (we were on vacation there).
Only one thing would have me return to Jamaica - if I fell in love with a Jamaican and felt as was living in a secure home....Just had to add this :>) as I do love my Jamaica.........
I love my Island Trinidad and Tobago and all my family is there living day to day yes crime is bad my daughter was  kidnapped and tahnk god my ex husband knew well it was not the cops brought her home was friendsfrom the ohter side of the law and he got his money back too he paid ransom for her and they found her in the forest in a shack after saying all this will I ever return to see my family and my grands of course but the crime is rising everywhere so don't just say this island and that island just keep commonsense and be safe.get back to the Tactic team special trained squad that move silent and don't take no for an answer it was done when Randoph Was Police commissioner then he left and everything just fell apart .give them weapons better than the crimminals and train them to move quietly and invade and attack and clear the scene quickly.that my point of view i know alot of people say let the goverment handle it but the government is seeing about their buisness we have to protect our self in our Islandwho living there.
I am so very glad to hear your daughter is safe. The crime epidemic across our beautiful islands is a cause for concern. The Caribbean governments seem incapable of handling the day to day affairs of the countries and are more interested in lining their pockets. All residents and those of us who happen to live overseas need to begin pressuring the local authorities to do more. We cannot let paradise be lost to hooligans.
very true word everyone should start letting the Local authorities to do more but most people don't know where to ask or go for that information and who to go too .we need someone to get theinformation put it on our site so people can write and let them know we want a better island and life for all our people and they should bring back hanging in the square and the cat O nine tail sorry if it sounds harsh but I tell you what High Noon hanging on a friday our street will be free of crime.


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