Sometimes through work, careful planning or just pure chance we meet famous people. Tell us who you have had the good fortune of meeting and even conversing with.

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Traveling to Geneva in 2002 I met Rev. Desmond Tutu in the airport lounge. He was very on his way back to South Africa from a conference in the US and was very engaging in our two minute conversation.

I have also had the opportunity to meet quite a few Reggae artistes through photography:

Beenie Man, Buju, Beres, Sean Paul, Movado, Serani, Third World, Morgan Heritage.

I have also met and photographed the actor Leon and billionaire Bob Johnson of BET fame.
Local artists met, conversed with & some pictures: Bob Marley, Beres, Buju, Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths, Glen Campbell, Oliver. International entertainers actually met & conversed with: Tom Cruise, Steadman (totally awsome)
On my way home to Guyana on the 3rd July my daughter and i had the pleasure of meeting and taking pictures with the famous Young And Restless character Oliva ,now that was some thing really special for my baby, she was excited .
I have had the great pleasure of meeting Dizzy Gillespie when he was in Barbados as a guest of the Bahai Community.
Sean Connery, Michael Jordon, Whitney Houston, Shaggy, Ric Roc, Shaquille Oneil, Koby Bryant and many more, I met Sean, Michael, Whitney Shak and Koby in Bahamas during the opening of Atlantis..... Shaggy in Jamaica, I actually chatted with him before our annual sigma race in March in Jamaica, met Ric Roc in Cayman, we also share some of the same friends we once attended the same wedding, they are all beautiful individuals
Clive Davis, I met and took a picture with him in NYC, when I went to see Fantasia in The Color Purple. See picture in photo gallery.


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